Courses Offered

    Under Graduate(UG)

    B.E –Computer Science and Engineering

       Computers nowadays have become as vital part of our lives as pen and paper were regarding fifty years past. In our fashionable days, a computer plays a very important role in our way of life. This demand an intensive understanding of ideas and remodeling these ideas to pc for process. This is often addressed in formula and programming languages. A student WHO learns the event of package in numerous areas like producing, learning, administration and device, with thorough technical data in network is in nice demand by MNC’s as well as banking and finance sectors. There area unit unlimited opportunities for jobs. The talents expected area unit thorough thinking and a decent ability in arithmetic. Subjects on algorithms, OS,. Programming languages, direction System, tricks, network and computer science area unit studied as a locality of the course.

    Post Graduate(PG)

    M.E –Computer Science and Engineering
       M.E course was started in 2013.The program is intended to produce advanced coaching to provide advanced training in Computer techniques and conduct research on a selected topic of current interest and can be writing a thesis at the end of the course which will be evaluated in three stages by internal examiners and finish by an external examiner.